Transform Your Daily Standup

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So you’re a developer. Of course you’re doing SCRUM. Every sprint starts with a planning and ends with a review or demo. There’s a retrospective, some refinement sessions, and of course, your standup (or daily SCRUM). And although you’re following guidelines and have "standup questions" everyone needs to answer, there’s something wrong. The standup takes forever, you feel you’re wasting time there. You already know what you’re colleagues are up to. Why does that SCRUM master make you listen to this?

Sounds familiar? It does, right? You’re doing the standup wrong. Read on and transform your standup into the little ball of energy and focus for the whole team that it is meant to be.


JavaScript Thinks January Is Labeled 0

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Today I learned that, contrary to some other programming languages I’m used to, JavaScript uses the number 0 to represent the month January, when working with dates. You probably already know that, but maybe this blogpost will save a life somewhere. Or at least save you from some debugging hours.

Bumpercar Basics

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Finally, I’ve been able to put some thoughts on PHPBenelux online.

As conferences come, PHPBenelux 2014 simply is the one to beat out there. Previous editions were amazing. This year, however, the PHPBenelux team decided to celebrate their 5th anniversary by having a bumper car ride for their attendees. As I put a lot of effort into bumping the proverbial life out of a lot of aforementioned attendees and conference organisers, I’d like to share with you some basics on bumper care driving.